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Chocolate Filled Valentine Sugar Cookies

1 cup - butter or margarine, softened
3/4 cup - firmly packed Florida Crystals® Organic Brown Sugar
3/4 cup - Florida Crystals® Organic Granulated Sugar
2 - eggs
2 tablespoons - milk
2 teaspoons - vanilla extract
4 cups - all-purpose flour
2 1/2 teaspoons - baking powder
1 teaspoon - salt
6 bars - (1.55 oz) milk chocolate candy bars
Additional Florida Crystals® Organic Granulated Sugar
Additional chocolate for decorating

Beat butter and sugars together in large mixing bowl until light and fluffy. Add eggs, milk and vanilla; beat well. In another bowl, stir together flour, baking powder and salt; gradually add to sugar mixture. Cover and refrigerate dough 3-4 hours until chilled.

Preheat oven to 375°F. Unwrap milk chocolate candy bars and break each bar into 12 small pieces. Set aside.

On well-floured surface, roll out one-third of dough at a time, to 1/8 inch thickness. Using a 2-inch heart shaped cookie cutter, cut out 24 hearts and transfer 12 of them to an ungreased cookie sheet. Place 1 small chocolate piece in center of each cookie on the cookie sheet. Top with remaining cookies. Using fingers or a fork dipped in flour, gently seal cookie edges; sprinkle with granulated sugar.

Bake for 8-10 minutes or until lightly browned at edges. Cool. Drizzle with chocolate if desired.

Makes about 6 dozen cookies