How to choose the right type of sugar?

Sugar is pantry staple, an ingredient used in almost all baking recipes. Despite its wide-use, sugar tends to be overlooked and put in the category of sameness: “Sugar is sugar”. At Florida Crystals®, we farm the only organic raw cane sugar grown in the U.S., and even better, it comes in varieties from finely ground organic powdered sugar to organic light brown sugar. No matter what side dish, entrée or dessert you’re making next, this useful guide will help you choose the perfect Florida Crystals® Sugar for the occasion.

A guide to choosing the perfect Florida Crystals® Sugar.

Did you know that sugar does more than just sweetening? It also influences the texture, flavor, color and even the shelflife of your culinary masterpieces. While sugar might seem a simple ingredient, not all sugars are created equally. 

From baked goods to beverages, there’s a Florida Crystals® Sugar for any recipe, course or occasion.

Organic Raw Cane Sugar: With a tan or golden hue that sets it apart from your typical granulated white sugar, Florida Crystals® Organic Raw Cane Sugar can be substituted cup-for-cup anywhere a recipe just calls for “sugar.” This less-processed alternative has a delicious hint of molasses. Try it in:

Organic Brown Raw Cane Sugar: Brown sugar has a low molasses content and a higher moisture than its lighter counterparts do. This gives it a caramel/ nutty taste, rich light brown color and fine, shiny grains with a free-flowing texture. 

This type of sugar is ideal for robust cookies, BBQ sauces, savory sides and anywhere you want to build depth of flavor while adding sweetness. Try it in:

Organic Powdered Raw Cane Sugar: This light, ultra-fine, and airy sugar has a smooth texture and delectable taste. Sometimes called “confectioners sugar” as well, its tiny grain size makes it ideal for frostings or icings. It’s also heavenly when used to dust finished products with a fresh snowfall of sweetness. Try it in:

Demerara/Turbinado Cane Sugar: Intentionally left more coarse than many other sugars, the amber crystals of Demerara/Turbinado Cane Sugar give it an almost jewel-like appearance. This crystalline form adds both beauty and a bit of crunch to baked goods when it’s sprinkled atop them. It also makes this sugar particularly adept at sweetening hot tea or coffee, as the larger crystals melt more slowly, infusing their sweetness and slight earthy flavor into every sip. Try it in:

Congratulations, you’ve just taken the first step down the road of better understanding the variety of different flavors, textures, and possibilities Florida Crystals® Sugar products can bring to your kitchen. As the only organic raw cane sugar grown in the U.S., we’re proud to say all of our products are vegan, non-GMO and grown sustainably on our own