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– Since 1960

Join us in celebrating our 60th anniversary! In 1960, our family owners founded Florida Crystals with the mission to one day craft sweetness people can feel good about with every bite. Today, we passionately cultivate the only organic raw sugarcane sustainably grown in the U.S., and we do it in a way that’s at peace with Mother Nature. That’s fab! That’s Honest to Goodness Sugar.

We’re Bringing Back These Groovy ’60s Flavors

From our boss version of the iconic Tunnel Of Fudge Cake to our far-out fondue, you can delight in any one of these authentic Florida Crystals® classics. No time machine required.

Celebrate With These Righteous ‘60s Cocktails

Raise a glass to our success! We’re mixing things up with these classic ’60s cocktails. Blended to perfection, our true-to-the era-drinks are sweetened with a variety of our crafted raw cane sugars.

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A True Farming Story We’re Proud To Tell

60 years ago, our founders, the Fanjul family, purchased and transported three defunct sugar mills from Louisiana to the South Florida city of Pahokee. There, they painstakingly rebuilt them and transformed them into our prized Osceola Mill. Our cherished mill along with our original 4,000 acres of fertile farmland are recognized as the esteemed birthplace of Florida Crystals and the start of our journey to craft honest to goodness sugars. Click to discover more about our family owners, the Florida Crystals farmers, and our rich heritage.

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