Nutrition and Conversion Info

Are any of Florida Crystals® products certified carbon neutral?
Yes, Florida Crystals® Natural and Organic 32oz pouches and 48oz jugs are certified CarbonFree®. In fact, they are the first American sugar products certified CarbonFree® by Florida Crystals® products earned certification because our products’ carbon emissions are rendered neutral by our own production of renewable energy, which powers our sugar mill and refining operations, as well as tens of thousands of homes. This helps reduce the use of fossil fuels, a major contributor to the increase of carbon emissions into the Earth’s atmosphere.

Are Florida Crystals® products certified kosher?
Yes, all Florida Crystals® products are certified kosher.

Are Florida Crystals® products gluten free?
Yes, Florida Crystals® sugar and rice products are gluten free.

Are Florida Crystals® products suitable for vegans and those on a vegetarian diet?
Yes, all of our products are 100% suitable for vegans and vegetarians. There is no animal bone char or any other animal byproduct used in Florida Crystals' production.
Is Florida Crystals®' natural sugar safe for diabetics?
Florida Crystals® Natural Sugar is metabolized in the body in the same manner as regular sugar. Diabetics should treat Florida Crystals® products the same as white sugar. Talk to your physician about alternative sweeteners for your diet.
What’s the difference between Florida Crystals®' natural sugar, white sugar and brown sugar?
Florida Crystals® Natural Sugar's unique color and flavor comes from the original sugar cane juice that naturally occurs in the crystals. White sugar is almost 100% sucrose, whereas Florida Crystals® Natural Sugar contains trace nutrients from the sugar cane plant. Some nutritionists believe that these very small amounts of nutrients contribute to the advantages Florida Crystals® Natural Sugar has over refined white sugar. Brown sugar is made by adding coloring and flavor back to the processed sugar. No additives, preservatives, or artificial ingredients are added to our products – just natural sweetness to enhance your favorite foods.
How should I use Florida Crystals®?
Florida Crystals® Natural Sugar can be used just like ordinary white sugar and in the same amount. It will add a natural depth of flavor to your favorite beverages and recipes.

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