Florida Crystals’ Eco-Vision:

At Florida Crystals, we take our responsibility to sustainable agriculture as seriously as the responsibility to our consumers.  We are guided by our corporate Eco-Vision to:

    • Limit our environmental impact by reducing our Carbon Footprint
    • Certify our carbon-neutral products with third-party independent certification
    • Expand our output of clean, renewable energy from farm-grown crops to reduce Florida’s environmental footprint, while providing a safe, secure electricity source
    • Provide alternative renewable liquid fuel sources from our crops and other biomass to reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil
    • Grow our organic farming program to supply even more certified organic products to the marketplace
    • Continue investing in and implementing emerging technologies and research to clean and conserve water
    • Incorporate eco-friendly packaging materials for our products and encourage recycling
    • Actively work with our customers and communities to achieve goals on sustainability initiatives
    • Communicate with consumers to educate and help build awareness about environmental issues
    • Continue to provide premium eco-friendly Florida Crystals® sweeteners to our customers
      Chocolate Filled Valentine Sugar Cookies
      Sustaining the Environment