The Natural Mill Process


Our natural sugars are milled right on the farm, the same day as harvest. Our unique, single-crystallization process preserves the original flavor of sun-sweetened sugarcane without the use of additives, preservatives, or animal by-products.

The natural juice is pressed from the freshly harvested sugarcane by a series of high pressure rollers. Water is added to improve the extraction and the remaining fiber is used as a clean source of renewable energy.

Purification Purification:
The raw juice is clarified by neutralization and heating and is decanted from the residual field material and fine fiber particles. The residual solids are recovered and returned to the cane fields.
Filtration Filtration:
The clarified juice is subjected to fine filtration to remove any remaining solids and to sterilize the juice.
Evaporation Evaporation:
The washed juice is heated with steam to evaporate the natural water, concentrating it into a sweet, golden syrup.
Crystallization Crystallization:
The cane juice syrup is then "seeded" with tiny sugar crystals and carefully boiled in a large vacuum pan. The crystals grow, forming a rich mixture of crystals and molasses.
Separation Separation:
The mixture of crystals and molasses is separated in a basket centrifuge to spin out the molasses.
Drying Drying:
The golden crystals from the centrifuge are dried, cooled and circulated with dry air before packaging.






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