Rice Products

Florida Crystals is proud to offer the finest quality certified organic and natural rice products. All Florida Crystals’ organic and natural rice products are certified Kosher.

Our complete line of rice ingredients consists of Rice [organic & natural / white & brown], Rice Bran [organic], Rice Flour [organic & natural / white & brown], Stabilized Brown Rice Flour [organic brown], Brown Rice Syrup [organic & conventional], Rice Maltodextrin [organic].

Rice is a gluten and cholesterol-free grain. It is a complex carbohydrate naturally low in calories and sodium. Rice contains no trans or saturated fat and is a good source of thiamin, niacin, iron, and vitamins, especially the B-complex group along with essential minerals.

At Florida Crystals, we also custom mill long and medium grain varieties to produce flours that provide enhanced texture and functionality across a variety of applications. The desired shelf life, texture and application will ultimately determine the type of rice flour used.

Advances in operations and technologies help to keep Florida Crystals not only responsive to our customers’ needs, but responsible stewards of the land that we farm. Our rice and sugarcane are grown in partnership with the environment using sustainable agricultural principles, which include crop rotation, organic farming, water management, renewable energy production and other methods of protecting the environment.

We offer a national distribution network which allows us to provide our customers with the highest quality products, on-time delivery, expert and technological support for custom formulation and product development.


Brown Rice Syrup has a light caramel color with a sweet, smooth flavor and is a balanced all-natural alternative to traditional and artificial sweetening. With nutritional and functional benefits, Brown Rice

Syrup is a versatile ingredient for a variety of applications.


A natural binding agent, Brown Rice Syrup complements, enhances, and fortifies color and flavor while extending shelf life. A multitude of natural properties allow for less additives and preservatives on the nutritional label as well. It is well suited for traditional, natural and organic applications in baked goods, beverages, confections, cereals, prepared foods, snacks, seasonings and sauces.


Natural colorant
Essential vitamins and minerals
Smooth, sweet flavor
Enhances a variety of flavors from light and sweet to strong and savory
Imparts sweetness
Effectively masks undesirable flavor attributes
Promote browning in crumb and crust
Source of soluble solids
Source of protein
Complex carbohydrate for sustaining energy
Bulking agent
Natural humectant and shelf life extender
Streamlines nutritional label with multifunctional properties
Kosher Certified

Available in Conventional or Organic

Organic and Natural Brown Rice Syrup 36DE a light golden brown color with a mildly sweet flavored extract that enhances color and flavor profiles in bakery, confections, and snack applications and ideal as a bulking agent in non-dairy beverages, sports bars, and prepared foods.

Organic and Natural Brown Rice Syrup 42DE a mellow flavor and light brown shade enhances light to medium colors in tropical fruit, hearty nut, and vegetable flavors in traditional, natural and organic bakery, prepared food, and snack applications.

Organic and Natural Brown Rice Syrup 60DE a caramel brown color and a low flavor profile enhances a variety of recipes. The light color and flavor compliments other ingredients and works subtly to boost light to medium colors and fruit, herb, nut, vegetable and spicy flavors. It is well suited for bakery, prepared food, and snack applications.

Organic and Natural Brown Rice Syrup 69DE a smooth and pleasantly sweet liquid extract with a golden tint in the darker range of brown rice syrups. The low color and flavor profile subtly augment light to medium colors and sweet or savory flavors in bakery, beverage, confection, prepared food, and snack applications.

Organic Brown Rice Syrup HM a high maltose syrup with a light amber color. This organic sweetener is a versatile ingredient in product development that boosts color profile, sweet or savory flavor, and shelf life. Its multifunctional properties allow for a cleaner nutritional label with less additives and preservatives. Appropriate for cereal, bakery, and beverage applications.

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