Tips for a Green Kitchen

Easy Tips
  • Be a Smart Shopper - Plan ahead to avoid additional trips and bring your own reusable bags!
  • Look for 'Green' Products - Buy products that are either organic or sustainable.
  • Pick it Local - Consider shopping from local farmers and orchards first.
  • Compost when Cooking - While baking, save your egg shells, apple cores and fruit peels to add to an outdoor compost pile. Then use as a super fertilizer for your garden.
  • Be Oven Wise - Use a timer to figure out how long it takes for your oven to preheat. Going forward, only preheat the time necessary for your dish to bake.
  • Avoid Fridge Follies - Pull out as many refrigerated items as you can at one time when gathering ingredients.
  • Pick the Right Pans - Using glass, ceramic, silicone or stone bakeware helps to conserve energy; some warm up quicker or retain heat longer than metal pans.
  • Don't be Wishy-Washy Washing Dishes - Many newer dishwashers have a catch for food or built-in garbage disposal, so pre-rinsing is unnecessary. Fill your dishwasher as much as you can before you run a load.
  • It's Cool to Start Canning - Canning is a fun, eco-friendly hobby that will give you fresh fruits, jams and preserves during off-seasons.
  • Bake a Bunch from Scratch - It costs far less than purchasing ready-made foods, and you cut down on consuming foods that are processed and need transportation. Double up recipes so you can freeze some.


Chocolate Filled Valentine Sugar Cookies
Sustaining the Environment