Wildlife Conservation

Our Commitment to Wildlife Conservation

At Florida Crystals, we understand that wildlife is a vital part of our ecosystem. Through our collaboration with University of Florida researchers and our volunteer and financial support of conservation programs, Florida Crystals is committed to wildlife preservation.

In an effort to save one of Earth's majestic big cats, the jaguar, Florida Crystals has chosen to support the Palm Beach Zoo’s conservation program. Now an endangered species, jaguars are the western hemisphere's largest and most powerful felines.

Through their participation in the Association of Zoos & Aquariums Species Survival Plan (SSP), the Palm Beach Zoo plays an amazing role in jaguar conservation.  The Zoo's jaguar breeding program is one of the most successful in the nation with several of its cubs being paired with mates of their own in other programs nationwide.

This is vital to the SSP's efforts, as 20 percent of all captive jaguars throughout the United States who participate in the captive-breeding program can trace their bloodlines back to the Palm Beach Zoo's jaguar family.

The newest addition to the zoo's family, "Maya," is the fifth and feistiest cub born on October 28, 2008 to the Palm Beach Zoo's proud feline parents, "Muchacho" and "Nabalam."

Our contribution to the Palm Beach Zoo's Jaguar Conservation Fund is used to support one of the most successful jaguar conservation programs in the country by allowing the Zoo's critical work in conservation education, captive breeding programs, field research, and conservation medicine to flourish.

If you would like to join us in our support of the survival of these majestic felines, please visit the Palm Beach Zoo.

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