Popcorn Ball Ornaments

Edible Ornaments

Homemade Cookie Ornaments

Edible OrnamentsTurning cookies into decorative ornaments for the holidays is a tradition that harkens back to a time when there was a simpler way of life. Inspire your friends and family with homemade cookie ornaments to dazzle their trees and delight their tastes! There are a few different ways to turn your shaped cookies into ornaments:

  • Start off with a classic Holiday Sugar Cookie or Gingerbread Cookie recipe, being sure not to roll out the dough too thin.
  • Bake cookies as directed. Just after the cookies are baked, use a small straw or a paring knife to create a hole at the top of the cookie. Leave 1/2-inch space from the top of the cookie. It is important to cut out holes while cookies are still warm.
  • A different way to get your cookies to hang like ornaments is to bake the cookies as directed, then after they have cooled, sandwich two cookies of the same shape together with a filling such as icing or jam, with the ends of a ribbon inserted in the middle of the cookie so that it creates a loop.

Homemade Popcorn Ball Ornaments

To create these delicious looking and tasting ornaments, follow the recipe for creating the Caramelized Popcorn. However, instead of breaking up the coated popcorn, use muffin tins sprayed with cooking oil to help form ball shapes while popcorn is still warm. Let shaped popcorn cool completely. Drizzle cooled popcorn balls with melted chocolate, then sprinkle with green and red candy shavings or sprinkles. To create the candy cane hook: Using a greased wooden skewer, create a hole at the top of the popcorn ball, then insert Candy Cane in top of ball until only top of cane shows. Tie a festive ribbon to the hook, then wrap with cellophane or plastic wrap. Store at room temperature.