Homegrown with love

Florida Crystals® is the only organic raw cane sugar grown in the U.S., and there’s a reason for that. Wages are more expensive here. Land costs more. It takes three years for farmland to be certified as USDA Organic. In short, it’s just cheaper and easier to grow organic sugarcane somewhere else. But cheap and easy isn’t what Florida Crystals® is about. So we took the harder path, and it’s taken us everywhere we wanted to be. 

Sugar that’s grown right here, the right way. 

We’re proud that each of our sugar products are grown on American land passionately cultivated by our farmers who know it best. And we’re equally proud that when you buy a Florida Crystals® product, you know where and how it was grown. Every stalk of sugarcane that we mill to make our sugars is raised right here.

We own all of our organic farms, and our farmers are committed to operating them sustainably, responsibly and with the utmost respect for the environment. This not only makes us more efficient and eco-friendly, but it produces better sugar as well.

Like in wine, the terroir and climate in which sugar is grown shapes the flavor of the finished product. So, we carefully optimize the nutrients in our soil, apply just the right amount of water and ensure that the land in which we farm will continue to provide the consistently sweet American organic raw cane sugars you deserve.