Our truth is simple

When you prepare your recipes with Florida Crystals®, you’re getting pure sweetness from the only organic sugarcane that’s sustainably grown in the U.S. Now, that's honest to goodness sugar.

Homegrown Organic Sweetness In Every Bite

When you bite into a slice of heaven sweetened by Florida Crystals®, you can feel good knowing that our organic sugarcane is not only harvested from our family-owned farms and milled in 24 hours, but it’s also the only organic sugarcane sustainably grown in the U.S.

Our Difference

A True Farming Story We’re Proud To Tell

Behind lush farms of organic sugarcane, lies our story. One that tells the tale of true farming and an unwavering passion for doing good. Harvesting homegrown sweetness that’s as sustaining for you as it is for the environment.

Our Story

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