New Look.
Same Florida Crystals®.

New Logo

Our new logo features natural hues and sugarcane stalks to represent our commitment to family-owned farming and sustainability. Within the logo, a hidden bird pays tribute to more than 800 barn owls that call our farms home and provide pest control naturally.

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Always Homegrown

Providing homegrown sweetness is at the heart and soul of all that we do. From design elements that highlight our homegrown, sustainable products to describing how our fresh sugarcane becomes Florida Crystals®, we’re excited to share more about our sugar crafting journey.

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See The Goodness Inside

Our packaging’s larger window makes it easy for everyone to see the minimally processed sweetness that’s inside. We also added a ribbon to the top of our package that makes it easy to find the right type of sugar for your recipes.

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Recipes You Can Feel Good About​

We’ve given the recipes that you know and love a Florida Crystals® spin, so you can feel good with every bite.​

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Honest to Goodness

Decades ago, we chose to grow the only organic sugarcane in the U.S. in order to craft the minimally processed, homegrown sweetness that you love. In this video, our longtime partner FrostingAndFettuccine. shares her experience with Florida Crystals® and some details on how our packaging’s new look lets the goodness of what’s inside shine.