Put Florida Crystals® products to good use, even once the sugar is gone.

When it comes to packaging, we’ve chosen pouches and jugs that are recyclable, but you can give them a second life even before that. Here, you’ll learn how Florida Crystals® packaging, and other household items, can be used in gardening around your home.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. You’ve probably heard the phrase before, but at Florida Crystals®, we’ve truly taken it to heart. We reduce waste throughout our sugar-making process, reuse the fiber from our sugarcane to power our facilities, and have chosen recyclable pouches and jugs to hold our products.

But with a little care, you can help us do even more.

The plastic jugs that your Florida Crystals® Organic Raw Cane Sugar and other products come in can be truly useful well beyond their days of containing those pure, sweet crystals. There are two main ways to reuse your old Florida Crystals® containers for gardening, and we’ll look at those now.

If you’ve got Florida Crystals® jugs, you’ve got garden containers.

The large size and convenient shape of your Florida Crystals® jugs makes them a great option for planting everything from annual flowers that add a splash of color inside or outside your home to herbs that can add a kick of flavor to your favorite foods. The jugs can be used individually, making them flexible enough to place anywhere you have extra space and adequate light, or arranged into a beautiful display piece. A few examples are:

Hanging planters 

By carefully cutting out the sides of the jug, threading a bit of twine or yarn through the top and then filling the base with soil, you can create a hanging planter to hold flowering plants, decorative vines or even small fruit or vegetable varieties. Strawberries, for instance, grow extremely well in hanging planters.

Arranged displays

Stacked on a stepped terrace, attached to a vertical trellis or even arranged into a large pyramid-like structure, your Florida Crystals® jugs can be used to keep flowers, herbs or veggies close at hand. You can keep things simple by just cutting off the tops, adding potting soil and watering by hand as needed. Or, you can really strap on those DIY boots and add a hose, some tubing and a garden timer to make a self- watering masterpiece that practically grows itself. Just add plants, check back once in a while, and reap the rewards of your environmental stewardship.

Build your own garden tools from Florida Crystals® jugs.

Even if you already have plenty of planters around, or if you prefer to plant directly in the ground, Florida Crystals® jugs can be easily repurposed as tools to help make your time spent tending to plants a little easier. A few examples include:

Watering jug

By simply gluing the lid of your Florida Crystals® jug closed and then poking or drilling a few holes in the top of the lid itself, you can create a durable watering jug that’s easy to fill up, flip over and use to gently water any plant in need.

Garden scoop 

From digging in the soil to spreading fertilizer, a large scoop has plenty of uses in the garden. To repurpose your Florida Crystals® jug as one, carefully cut the jug diagonally from approximately halfway up the handle to the base of the opposite side using a box cutter or sharp knife. This will allow you to grasp the scoop by its handle and scoop with the opposite edge.

At Florida Crystals®, we’re proud to be the only organic raw cane sugar grown in the U.S., and to treat the environment around us with care. By choosing to reuse your Florida Crystals® containers, and to recycle them when they’re truly spent, you’re helping to protect the environment for yourself and the world around you. Thank you for that!