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Mills that are a model of sustainability

Way back in 1960, Florida Crystals opened its first sugar mill in the U.S. From the very beginning, we’ve been committed not just to growing the sugarcane for all of our beloved products, but to milling it ourselves as well. This gives us total control over the quality of our products, and lets us deliver the consistency and transparency that cooks and bakers, like you demand.

Our Mills

Where Florida Crystals® products are born.

A sugar mill is a hard thing to come by, so when the opportunity arose for Florida Crystals to purchase three decommissioned mills from Louisiana over sixty years ago, we jumped at the chance. Sugar mills are also hard things to move, but we managed to sail them on a barge across the gulf, through Lake Okeechobee and to Pahokee, where they were reassembled and readied for work. Renamed the Osceola Sugar Mill, it remains one of our primary facilities to this day.

Twenty years later, the Okeelanta Mill became part of our family. Due to our commitment to domestically made organic raw cane sugars, we invested to upgrade this mill to produce unrefined, mill-made sugar products. Today, it's one of the largest specialty sugar facilities in the world and where we mill our Florida Crystals® products. 

Between both of our mills, we have acquired the capacity needed to continue to meet all of your baking, cooking and sweetening needs. And over the years, we’ve continued to innovate at each of these facilities, making them more energy efficient, reducing their environmental footprint and perfecting their ability to produce the finest sugar in the world. What we’ve created is an eco-friendly process that utilizes every part of the sugarcane plant, and mills that show the same respect for the ecosystem around us as the family-owned farms on which we grow our sugarcane. All so you can feel good about enjoying raw cane sugars that are homegrown, taste great, and are kind to our planet.

Sustainable Cane Sugars, the Florida Crystals® Way

Learn more about the lengths we go to on our family-owned Florida farms to grow, harvest and craft cane sugars in harmony with nature. It’s not easy, but it’s a commitment we’ve made to ourselves, our fans and the land we’re fortunate to farm. That’s why we’re the only organic raw cane sugar made from sugarcane grown in the U.S.