Farming sweet, from the ground up

Across acres of land, we plow, plant and tend to the only organic raw cane sugar grown in the U.S. It’s a labor of love, and one we’ve undertaken happily for decades. Each year, we improve our efficiency, nourish our soil and preserve the environment around us. Because this is our land, and it’s a part of us.

From water to fertilizer to energy, knowing more lets us use less.

Soil may seem simple, but at Florida Crystals it’s where growing great sugarcane starts. Each year, we take 8,000 samples of the soil on our family farms. That may seem excessive, but it’s what lets us efficiently apply just the exact nutrients, in just the right places, for our sugarcane to thrive.

When it comes to water, we’re no less diligent. Every 14 to 21 days, samples are sent to independent labs to test the quality of water on our lands. And time after time, we meet or exceed the strictest quality standards in the nation.

In fact, the agricultural practices we’ve pioneered over the years have made us a model of efficiency. Our fields are laser-leveled to reduce runoff and keep our soil and water where it should be. Our canals are dredged, reclaiming nutrient-rich soil from their beds to be re-deposited in our fields. And along those canals, natural vegetation is encouraged to grow, trapping sediments and preventing them from entering the water in the first place. It’s all part of our love for this land, and our promise to keep producing high-quality sugar here for generations to come.