The story of the sugar you love today
began over a century ago.

In 1850, before the 20th Century even began, the Fanjul family milled their first sugarcane. Little did they know at the time that the same passion that drove them to craft that first batch of sugar would eventually grow into all that Florida Crystals has become today. We remain committed to sustainability, dedicated to doing things right and proud to provide the highest quality sugar from our family to yours.

Farming sweet, from the ground up

For us, growing sugarcane is a passion that has been passed from generation to generation. Our story started 150+ years ago, and on our family farms we’re ensuring the next chapter is an uplifting one by carefully managing the soil, water and other resources.


Mills that are a model of sustainability

Since 1960, we’ve milled our sugarcane ourselves, allowing us to precisely control how our specialty cane sugars are made. In Osceola and Okeelanta, these state-of-the-art facilities draw no outside power, discharge no water and are among the largest specialty sugar facilities in the world.


Sugarcane is where it all starts

Did you know sugarcane is one of the most energy-efficient crops on the planet? A single sugarcane stalk contains 30 teaspoons of sugar, 6 teaspoons of molasses, 1 quart of water and 6 ounces of fibrous “bagasse,” which we use as fuel to power our mills. As a C4 plant, sugarcane also absorbs and captures CO2, effectively cleaning the air as it grows delicious sugar for you to enjoy.


We’re 100% committed to a zero-waste process

At Florida Crystals, we’re proud to have a zero-waste process that uses 100% of each sugarcane stalk that we harvest. The water supplies our mills, the fiber becomes clean energy, the molasses provides natural flavor and the sugar is our sweet gift to you. In fact, our processes have become so efficient that we’re able to put excess electricity into the local power grid, as well as to use surplus bagasse to create our Tellus® line of compostable tableware.