Raw cane sugar from our farms to our mills to your table

Most of the products we make at Florida Crystals® are raw. What does that mean? Simply that our sugarcane is harvested, milled and slipped right in to the familiar packaging you find at your local store. And it never fails to bring the purest flavor to your next recipe.

Rich flavor starts with raw cane sugar.

At Florida Crystals®, raw cane sugar is what we’re all about. It starts with non-GMO seedlings planted on our family-owned farms and, to be honest, it doesn’t go far from there.

Our on-site mills wring and clarify the sweet juices from each stalk of sugarcane, then crystalize and dry the sugar within to make a wide range of products with an even wider range of flavor profiles. From our Organic Raw Cane Sugar’s delicate hints of molasses to the caramel notes and richer molasses flavor of our Organic Light Brown Raw Cane Sugar, each brings something special to the table.

And because our raw cane sugars are minimally processed, they are better able to bind water, leaving your baked goods fresher, perfectly textured and perfectly sweetened time after time.