Best Management Practices


We grow our foods by practicing concepts of sustainable agriculture, working in harmony with the environment to protect the natural resources on our farms and surrounding ecosystems. We sustain the health of the land through many different Best Management Practices (BMPs).

Laser Leveling.
Using high-tech lasers, we ensure that our fields are level to retain their soil and water.

Crop Rotation.
We rotate rice with our sugar cane to keep our soil vital and to help preserve Nature's balance in the fields.

Canal Cleansing.
We remove nutrient-rich soil from canals and spread it back on our fields.

Vegetation Control.
By promoting vegetative growth along canal banks, we trap soil sediments and prevent them from entering the canal system.

Modified Pumping Practices.
By adjusting the timing of our water pumping, we can prevent soil from being pumped with water as it moves off the farms.