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Bake Up Genuine Goodness With @Frostingandfettuccine

The Best Start To Baking: 

1. Measure dry ingredients like flour on parchment paper. This saves clean up time and is so much easier than using another bowl to pour into a mixer.

2. ALWAYS clean as you go. This keeps your kitchen clean and tidy and reduces the overwhelm of clean up at the end.

3. Always read a recipe from start to finish before starting it. Some recipes may have rise or cooling times and you might need more time than you think.

Helpful Hints That Make Cake Perfection: 

Use room temperature ingredients, fill your baking pans no higher than 2/3rds full, do not open the oven for the first 25 mins.

It’s the Cake Bounce that Counts: 

The top should be springy – if you lightly tap it, it should bounce back, and the edges will start to pull away from the pan.

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