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Your Guide To A Stress-Free Vegan Thanksgiving

An easy to follow guide to help you prepare for all your holiday cooking and baking.

Get Started by Gathering the Details

Create Your Guest List 

As soon as possible, get a headcount of the family and friends you’re planning to host this season. Your guests will want to know early that they have been included in your festivities. Email, text or call them to confirm their attendance and to ask about any allergies or dietary restrictions they might have. This extra step will help ensure that your feast is a safe and satisfying occasion for all.

Plan Your Menu

To make your Thanksgiving feast as successful as possible, you'll want to plan your menu early. This will give you time to shop for the perfect holiday décor, pre-order any tough-to-find ingredients, inspect labels and brands ahead of time, and take advantage of pre-season sales. Here are a few delicious vegan options you can use to craft your holiday spread: 

Appealing Appetizers

Our delicious Candied Pumpkin Seeds and Vegan Rolls will fill the air with the scents of the season and satisfy your guests as they mingle just before the feast. 

Exceptional Entrees

When you make Vegan Cauliflower Steak and Tempeh, these satisfying entrées will serve as the warm and radiant focus of your magnificent Thanksgiving meal. Visions of platters filled with these hearty delights are sure to be fondly remembered.

Sweet & Savory Sides

Fresh Agrodolce and Brown Sugar Glazed Carrots serve as vibrant additions to your holiday fare. These delicious vegan sides will brighten your table and bring beaming smiles from your guests.

Divine Desserts

Bring on the sweetness with our minimally processed, unrefined cane sugars by filling your dessert table with these genuinely scrumptious Vegan Cinnamon Rolls and Vegan Cranberry Brown Sugar Cookies

Delightful Drinks

Compliment your exceptional holiday fare with the perfect holiday beverages. Our cinnamon-spiced Pumpkin Horchata and our Apple Cider both taste like a fresh cup of autumn.

Add these and other delicious recipes to your feast as quick as a click by using our automated Thanksgiving Menu Planner. Once created, you can print your menu and use it to make shopping as delightful as a walk on the farm.

Three Weeks Out – Ready Thanksgiving Central

Prep Your Kitchen For The Big Day

Make quick work of the inevitable chopping, mixing, baking, and sautéing that is on the horizon by making sure your kitchen is organized and as ready to handle the festivities as you are. Take inventory of the kitchen tools you’ll need to prepare your courses and clear countertops to ensure you have ample prepping space. Here are a few items you’ll definitely want to have on hand:

  • Sharp set of knives
  • Food processor
  • Carving board
  • Baking sheets
  • Parchment paper
  • Sturdy rolling pin
  • Eco-friendly containers for leftovers

Decorate Your Holiday Table

Creating the perfect Thanksgiving ambiance will be a joy since you started planning early. Begin by selecting a festive theme or color scheme for your table. Then, adorn it with holiday flair. Seasonal flowers, photos of loved ones, and heirloom dishes are a few examples of things you can use to create a fun and festive atmosphere. Now is also the perfect time to make sure each guest has a seat at your table. To help guide them, we suggest using our holiday place cards (link to FC place cards).

Two Weeks Out – Get The Rolling Pin Rolling

Gather Your Groceries Early

With your guest list finalized and your feast’s menu decided, it’s time to go about the work of gathering your grocery items. While you may want to wait until the last minute for fresh lettuce and perfectly ripe fruits and vegetables, most of your groceries may be purchased ahead of time. Lucky for you, you started early and will beat the inevitable holiday rush. Don’t forget to stock up on our organic raw cane sugars and take the time you save to peruse our site for other Florida Crystals® homegrown recipes.

Let The Slicing, Cutting and Mincing Begin!

A vegan holiday means there will no doubt be a fair amount of chopping, slicing, and peeling involved. By starting early and organizing your prepared ingredients into eco-friendly bags and glass jars, they’ll be easy to store and easy to retrieve at a moment’s notice. This is also a great time to make and store a batch of veggie broth if it’s needed in any of your recipes.

One Week Out – Almost There!

Make Dishes Ahead

Standing over the hot glow of the stove on Thanksgiving day can take precious time away from your friends and family. Ensure that your day is filled with warm company and delightful conversation by prepping dishes for your feast in advance.

Many recipes, like our awesome Vegan Roll, can be prepared ahead and popped into the fridge or freezer until the big day. Now is also the time to gather your fresh fruits and produce. Salads can be prepped days in advance and stored in the fridge in earth-friendly containers. Simply add fresh herbs and dressings and toss them just before serving. The scent of fresh-baked cookies filling the air is wonderful and easy to achieve when your cookies have been pre-made and placed unbaked on a tray in the fridge. Take advantage of prepping tricks like these to help you stay ahead in the time leading up to your event.

On the night before your event, have fun decorating and setting your table. This will ensure that everyone gets to enjoy your creative scene hours before you serve your feast.

Thanksgiving Day – Time To Celebrate!

Congratulations! With your pre-made dishes stashed safely nearby and your table set, putting the finishing touches on your bountiful feast amidst the warm glow of good company will be enjoyable and relaxing. From your Florida Crystals® family, Happy Thanksgiving!