We’re 100% committed to a zero-waste process

Florida Crystals has long been dedicated to getting every possible bit of flavor out of the acres of sugarcane we grow on our family farms. What you might not know is that we’re just as dedicated to using every possible bit of that crop for other purposes as well, creating a process that results in no waste, and all kinds of additional benefits.

Not a drop, stalk or crystal is wasted.

Turning our sugarcane into delicious raw cane sugar is a process that requires water, energy and the sweet juices of the sugarcane plant. All of these components are found in the sugarcane itself. At Florida Crystals®, we’ve pioneered a process that lets us efficiently extract, reclaim and repurpose these valuable resources…with nothing going to waste.

As a tall, woody grass, sugarcane grows in fibrous stalks, sporting lush green leaves and drawing in large amounts of water from the saturated fields of our Florida farms. Once harvested, the sugarcane is brought to our on-site mills, where we put every part of it to use. As sugar and molasses (which make up just 10% and 5% of a sugarcane stalk’s mass respectively) are extracted, the water within (which makes up 75% of the stalk) is captured and used in the extraction process. Any water that remains is put back into the land to replenish our soil.

Meanwhile, the fibrous material called “bagasse” (which makes up the last 10% of the stalk) is repurposed two ways. First, our renewable energy facility (one of the largest of its kind in the world) uses it to create the energy required to heat, condense and transform our sugarcane into the various Florida Crystals® products you love. Then, any remaining bagasse is used to create our Tellus® line of eco-friendly plates, bowls and containers. These compostable products return to the soil in just 90 days, unlike conventional plasticware that can linger in the environment for centuries.

When all is said and done, our process is so efficient that not only do we use zero energy from the grid and discharge zero water beyond our farms—we’re actually able to add excess electricity back into the local power grid. It’s as remarkable as it is responsible, and it’s something we’re proud of at Florida Crystals.