Guess Hoo?

Our family-owned farms are an honest to goodness model of sustainability, allowing us to farm the only organic sugarcane grown in the U.S. The newest member of our team is here to tell you how and why we're committed to doing things the right way for you, for the planet, and at a price that feels right!

Get a bird’s eye view!

Welcome Ollie!

Look hoo’s here. Our new spokesowl!

Our latest addition isn't a new product... but a new mascot! We're thrilled to welcome Ollie, our spokesowl and a representative of one of our most innovative and eco-friendly efforts - our owl program. More than 1,250 owls live in custom-built owl boxes on our family-owned farms, where they happily hunt pests night after night. We farm without using synthetic pesticides, so our owls keep their bellies full and our farms free of pests.


Hi, I’m Ollie

Hi, I’m Ollie, Florida Crystals’ first-ever spokesowl! My job is to fly across the farms, feast on pests and keep my big eyes on everything going on around here. And when I’m not soaring and swooping, I’ll be sharing all the most interesting happenings here on our farms with you. Get ready for good times and great info. We’re gonna have a hoot!


Organic goodness from sugarcane to kitchen

Not to brag, but owls like me are one way Florida Crystals is able to craft the only organic baking sugars made from sugarcane grown in the U.S. Whether you need organic raw cane, organic light brown, or organic powdered, we've got you covered! Our sugar is great in tasty (and cute) treats like owl-themed VEGAN SUGAR COOKIES, or any of our great vegan, gluten-free or organic recipes. Check 'em out!


From farm to mill within 24 hrs.

Our farms and eco-friendly mill where we craft top-quality sugars are just a few flaps away. That lets me keep an eye on everything and allows us to mill all our sugars within 24 hours of harvest. It helps to lock in their flavor at its absolute freshest. It also gives us a straight path from farm to mill, so we aren’t disrupted by things like international supply chain issues…Hoo-ray for homegrown!


Self-sustaining mills powered by sugarcane fiber

Using sugarcane fiber, our renewable energy facility generates the clean energy that powers our mill. We generate zero sugarcane waste and maximize our resources every day so we can provide top-quality organic sugar to you, at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

Land Stewards

Sugarcane isn’t all we grow

Our focus is always on sugarcane, but sometimes that means growing rice and other cover crops. What? Let me explain. To build up nutrients in our soil, we need to rotate our crops – and rice happens to be one of the best fits for us. To grow, rice needs to spend 80 days of its 120-day cycle underwater, eliminating weeds and protecting the land from oxidation. That also means we can help feed our neighbors while preparing our farms to grow sugarcane again. Hoo knew?


My friends, the Florida Crystals farmers

I’m new here, but some of the farmers who grow the organic sugarcane that becomes Florida Crystals® sugars have been farming, and preserving, these lands for decades. They’re researchers, scientists, environmentalists, engineers and so, so much more. They’re at the root of everything we do, they couldn’t be any sweeter and best of all—I get to hear all of their amazing tales as we work side-by-side on the farms every day! See their stories HERE.


High quality through high tech

All across the farms where I fly, satellites, drones and GPS-guided tractors are used by our expert farmers. These techy tools help us monitor the health of our sugarcane, spotting where our crops might need more water or have too much water. They also enable us to be more efficient when applying nutrients. And being precise, means using fewer resources. Hoo doesn’t love that?!

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