Pumpkin Patch Tips

Celebrate Fall with a visit to your local pumpkin patch. Discover tips on how to pick the perfect pumpkin.


1. Use different pumpkins for baking and carving


Small pumpkins are best for baking while medium or large pumpkins are better for craving. So when it comes to making the perfect pumpkin pie, go for the smaller pumpkin.

2. Firmness is key

A mushy pumpkin can turn your smiling jack-o-lantern into a frowny face sooner than you’d like. Make sure the pumpkin is nice and firm to keep your jack-o-lantern spooky until Halloween.

3. Wear closed toed-shoes

Wear closed toed-shoes while at the pumpkin patch in case of dirt, mud or pumpkin dropping mishaps!

4. Orange you glad?

Pumpkins should be a deep orange all over for either baking or carving. Green pumpkins mean it’s not ripe yet while pumpkins that are mostly orange can mean something is wrong with the pumpkin.

5. You can handle it

Make sure the handle of your pumpkin is sturdy. A weak stem will make it harder to put your pumpkin back together after carving and could be a sign of a rotting pumpkin.