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Organic Light Brown Raw Cane Sugar

Our organic light brown raw cane sugar has the perfect amount of added molasses to create its distinctive moist texture, making it your perfect ally for baking. Our homegrown light brown sugar has a subtle caramel taste, rich brown color and fine, shiny crystals, which allow you to build depth of flavor while adding sweetness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to soften organic light brown sugar in a few minutes?

Preheat the oven to 250 F, put the brown sugar in an oven-safe tray and heat until it softens. In most cases it takes about 2 minutes, but check frequently to prevent the sugar from melting. Measure and use right away, as the brown sugar will harden again as it cools.

How to soften organic light brown sugar in a couple of days?

Place the brown sugar in an airtight container with a dampened terracotta disk (available at baking supply stores or Amazon) or two slices of bread (plain sandwich bread works). Set it aside for a day or two (or as long as it takes for the brown sugar to absorb the moisture) - remove the disk or the bread, and work the sugar with a fork to dissolve any stubborn clumps. Your brown sugar is ready for use, reseal the container and it should remain soft. 

What makes Florida Crystals® sugars different?

Our organic sugars are the only ones made from sugarcane grown right here in the U.S.. Sugarcane that we grow on our family-owned farms following the highest standards of organic agriculture.

Why is homegrown important?

To us, homegrown is a seal of top-quality on each of our bags. Our sugarcane is milled within 24 hours of harvest, locking in all its freshness and authentic flavor.

What are the certifications of Florida Crystals®Organic Light Brown Sugar?

Our organic raw cane sugar is USDA Organic, Regenerative Organic Certified ™, Vegan, Non-GMO, and Kosher. It is also made and packaged in allergen-free facilities.


Organic Light Brown Raw Cane Sugar

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