Learn to frost fabulously with the help of Florida Crystals®

Frost like a pro with Florida Crystals® Regenerative Organic Raw Cane Sugar. Practice these tips and tricks to make your baked creations a beautiful work of delicious art.


Cover any cake with a delicious coat of fanciful frosting


On our sustainable family farms in the U.S., passionate farmers are devoted about growing and harvesting our sugarcane the right way. We mill our sugarcane within 24 hours of harvest – and precisely craft it to deliver authentic taste. This results in minimally processed raw cane sugars that offer incredible consistency and unequalled quality. And when it is time to decorate your homemade cakes in a way that you can feel good about, our Florida Crystals® Regenerative Organic Powdered Sugar is the perfect choice. Not only are Florida Crystals® products USDA-certified organic, but vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and Kosher as well. Follow these tips to ensure your cakes look as amazing as they taste.

1.    Gather your tools

You’ll need a freshly baked cake, some jam as a filling, a batch of our Vegan Frosting and a few common items. Gather together:

  • Cake board

  • Rotating cake stand

  • Offset spatula

  • Serrated knife (for trimming cake as needed)

  • Reusable silicone piping bag & stainless steel tips (these will last you a lifetime instead of ending up in the landfill) 

2.    Build the foundation

Once you’ve baked your cake and allowed it to completely cool, the first step of frosting it is to apply a base coat, also known as a “crumb coat.” This simple, even coating serves to smooth the surface of the cake itself as well as to trap any loose crumbs that might otherwise mar the surface in later steps.

Add a bit of frosting to the center of a cake board before placing your cake onto it (this helps to hold the cake in place), and then set the cake board atop a rotating cake stand. If the cake is domed, use a serrated knife to level each layer by cutting it horizontally. Once you have leveled all your layers, add filling into the piping bag. Pipe filling atop each layer of the cake and top with another layer, repeating until all layers are stacked. Then, using your offset spatula, turn the cake while spreading the frosting to the edge of the cake. The result should be a smooth, even layer. Once at the edges, utilize the same spatula to spread an even layer around the vertical sides of the cake as well, being careful that the top and side layers meet together completely.

Once finished, with the cake completely covered in a smooth layer of frosting, place the cake in the refrigerator to cool in order to let the base layer set firmly. You could stop there, but why? 

3.    Add some flair

Whether decorating a multi-tiered masterpiece or a batch of cupcakes for neighborhood kids, everyone appreciates a few flourishes. Bolster your design with techniques like:

  • Swirls, dots or writing with Organic Royal Icing atop your cake. With a simple pastry bag and a little practice, you’ll soon be creating flowers, leaves and intricate borders as well. 

  • Frosting ridging. You can add smooth, decorative ridges to the sides of your cake using nothing more than a spoon you surely already own. Just place the spoon firmly in the frosting, keep it in one place and (with a steady hand) rotate the cake 360° against the spoon’s curved back side. 

  • Vivid colors. By adding plant-based organic food coloring to your favorite frosting or icing recipe, you’ll create baked goods that can brighten a room all by themselves. So remember that you can tint your base layer, accents or any other part of the design in any hue you choose. 

Now, you’re ready to become your own cake boss. Our Gluten-Free Vanilla Bean Cake with Floral Buttercream is a great place to begin, so make sure you have enough Florida Crystals® Regenerative Organic Raw Cane Sugar on hand and start creating!

Use Regenerative Organic Powdered Sugar to Make Your Frostings