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Meet the Chef: Britt Berlin

Britt is the creator, recipe developer, and photographer behind The Banana Diaries, as well as an avid cake lover, runner, cat mama, and cookbook author. Britt specializes in transforming traditional baking techniques into vegan ones. Her favorite creations include vegan chocolate cake, vegan cheesecake, and of course, vegan chocolate chip cookies!

A note from Britt, the force behind @TheBananaDiaries:

Working with Florida Crystals® has been an absolute dream, to say the least. As someone who makes purchase decisions not just based on the product, but the company and its mission as well, it has been so wonderful to see that the absolute best baking sugar on the market is also backed by really devoted and passionate people. I've always felt comfortable sharing that I use Florida Crystals® as my go-to sugar when recommending a vegan sugar to a reader, but since working together on recipes, I'm even more excited and forthcoming about getting the word out, especially to new vegans. Getting to learn more about Florida Crystals®' dedication to sustainability and honoring nature has just made it so easy, and I know that my readers appreciate and share the same values of purchasing organic, supporting brands who work to be sustainable, etc. It has just felt like a dream partnership, one where the individuals learning about the recipes and the product are really benefiting, and we're working together for something greater than each individual party involved.

For our partnerships this year, I've worked on the vegan strawberry cupcakes, vegan coconut cream pie, and vegan owl cookies using the Florida Crystals® Regenerative Organic Raw Cane Sugar and the Florida Crystals® Regenerative Organic Powdered Sugar. The sugars were so well received by my readers; in fact, a few of my readers who were newer vegans were fascinated to learn that not all sugar is vegan. You can also truly notice a difference in the baked goods when choosing Florida Crystals® vs. another brand. I haven't seen a vegan powdered sugar as fluffy and light as Florida Crystals®, and it honestly rivals the conventional brands on the market. With the Florida Crystals® Regenerative Organic Raw Cane Sugar, it's honestly the secret to the fluffiest vegan cakes, cupcakes, etc. How finely the sugar is milled I think is what helps it emulsify into the vegan butter better than other brands, which in turns yields a fluffier and more structured cake.


Desserts You’ll Go Bananas For

These very creative, always-vegan desserts from @TheBananaDiaries are perfect for those with dietary restrictions.



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