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We’ve Got Your Answers

Why is Florida Crystals® different?

Our organic sugars are the only ones grown and harvested in the U.S. We make them from organic sugarcane that we grow and mill on our farms, having full transparency in every step of our sugarcane’s journey.

Does Florida Crystals® have any certifications?

All our sugars are non-GMO project verified, Vegan Action certified and Kosher. On top of those certifications, our organic sugars are also USDA Organic certified and Regenerative Organic Certified®. Our third party certifications provide you with that extra layer of trust on our Honest to Goodness Sugars™

When is it best to use your sugars?

Our organic raw cane sugar is perfect for your all-purpose needs and can be substituted cup for-cup anywhere a recipe calls for it. Our organic light brown sugar is ideal to build depth of flavor and moist in your baking (a.k.a. chewy chocolate chip cookies, anyone?) and our organic powdered sugar is your best ally to make frostings and icings. 

To sweeten  your hot coffee or tea, our Turbinado sugar is the go-to-choice.


Do you farm sustainably?

Absolutely! Our passion for growing sugarcane has been passed from generation to generation and we’re ensuring the next chapter is just as successful. 

We’re proud to be the first and only grower of Regenerative Organic Certified® (ROC®) sugarcane in the United States. ROC is the highest standard of organic agriculture and one of the ways we show our commitment to better farming.


How does your price compare to others?

Being sustainably homegrown and having full ownership of our farming and milling practices means we can bring you our delicious, organic sugars at a price that feels right.

By creating our organic fertilizers, generating renewable energy from sugarcane fiber, and of course - growing our sugarcane right there in the U.S - we maximize our resources so you can give your family top-quality without breaking the bank.


Where can I find it?

Find our Honest to Goodness Sugar™ at your nearest store.   Whether you shop at Walmart, Target, or Publix, you can find our top quality sugars at a price that feels right during your next shopping trip, no matter where you are.

A True Farming Story We’re Proud To Tell

Behind lush farms of organic sugarcane, lies our story. One that tells the tale of true farming and an unwavering passion for doing good. Harvesting homegrown sweetness that’s as sustaining for you as it is for the environment.


Florida Crystals Farm Tour

Sam from Frosting and Fettuccine walks you through an exclusive Florida Crystals farm tour. We’re the only organic grower of sugarcane in the U.S. and committed to meet the Regenerative Organic Certified® farming standards. See for yourself! Plus, get a close-up view of our amazing owls.