Tips For Crafting Santa’s Favorite Cookies

Solidify your name on Santa's "Nice List" by perfecting his favorite holiday treat - cookies! These homemade cookies will put a smile on the whole family's face. Don't forget to make extra for your friends!


Tips For Crafting Santa’s Favorite Cookies

Splendid Holiday Cookie Options

The holiday season has arrived! Soon, Santa will be making his much-anticipated trip around the globe and he’ll be enjoying his favorite holiday treat – homemade cookies – at every stop along the way! To make sure that yours are memorable, follow this recipe for cookies baked with all the goodness of high quality, minimally processed, organic ingredients that are sure to put a smile on Chris Kringle’s face.

Classic Cookies

Chocolate Sugar Cookies

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For the holiday chocoholics, these soft and thick cookies are a must. Made with Florida Crystals® Regenerative Organic Light Brown Sugar, oat flour, and Dutch cocoa powder, these chocolatey delights will get your name on Santa’s “Nice List."

Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

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These chocolatey disks of pure joy can be crafted with chocolate chips or chocolate chunks. No matter how you prepare them, if you make yours with Florida Crystals® Regenerative Organic Raw Cane Sugar, Santa will surely savor each bite.

Cut Out Cookies

sugar cookies

Whether you cut them out into snowflakes and candy canes or pipe on ribbons of Vegan Royal Icing, sugar cookies are the perfect place to start crafting Santa-approved goodness.

Holiday Flair

Gluten-Free Gingerbread Cookies

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Gingerbread cookies are another great recipe for your cookie cutters! These gluten-free Christmas classics incorporate traced frosting edges, and can be taken over the top with a flurry of our Organic Royal Icing made with Florida Crystals® Regenerative Organic Powdered Sugar.


Classic with a Twist 

Gluten-Free Salted Caramel Cookies

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Salty, sweet and oh-so-good! These soft and mouthwatering cookies are some of Santa’s absolute favorites. Their pillowy dough and sweet caramel goodness will score you points with jolly old St. Nick.

Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies 

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Santa’s traveling a long way to get to your home. Make the journey worth it with a tray of Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies. Topped with sea salt, these gluten-free cookies with rich chocolate flavor and hazelnuts will leave Kris Kringle feeling very merry this year.

Lemon Macadamia White Chocolate Cookies

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Treat Father Christmas to the fresh taste of chewy macadamia cookies with a zesty lemon twist. Filled with white chocolate chips, macadamia nuts and the enchanting flavor of Florida Crystals® Regenerative Organic Light Brown Sugar, these delicious creations are great for dipping in milk, making them the best cookies for Santa!

Florida Crystals® Cookies That Will Be Santa's New Favorite.

We’ve taken traditional cookies and given them a Florida Crystals® spin. Now, you can mix things up and offer the jolly man in red a pleasant change of pace as he samples cookies from house to house. You'll see an assortment of dietary-friendly options in case he’s trying out a new diet these days.