Plan Your Vegan Thanksgiving Menu

Our easy-to-use menu planner helps you create the perfect holiday feast. All of our recipes are made with real, plant-based ingredients and sweetness that you can feel good about with every bite

1. Appetizers and Sides

Looking for vegan dishes this holiday? Cater to guests with recipes for appetizers and side dishes that all will enjoy!

2. Entrées

Enjoy any of these exceptional entrees heartily, knowing they are made with ingredients that have been as kind to the planet as they will be to your whole family.

3. Desserts

Did you say dessert? Make Thanksgiving desserts that will have your guests wanting more!

4. Cocktails and Beverages

Blended to perfection, our line-up of cocktails and beverages are accented with homegrown sweetness that will keep the party going.


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